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About us

Dongguan Qiandao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale tool grinding equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating design, R & D, production, manufacturing, sales and maintenance. Over the years, we have been committed to the research and development, production and manufacturing of tool grinding equipment. Qiandao machinery main business: Five Axis CNC tool grinder, CNC tool grinder, surface grinder, internal grinder, cylindrical grinding machine [details]



Cooperative customers

  •  Customers from Sri Lanka buy punch grinders
  •  Iran customers sign exclusive regional agency with Qiandao
  •  Russian Exhibition Thousand Island products are all reserved
  •  Dongguan customers order more than five axis CNC tool grinder
  •  Group photo with Bangladeshi customers
  •  Group photo with Russian customers
  •  Russia Exhibition
  •  Group photo of foreign customers


Success stories


Container display

The products produced and sold by Qiandao machinery have the characteristics of scientific design, solid materials, excellent workmanship, high accuracy and easy operation. At present, it has six categories, 12 series, and more than 40 types of machine types. It is the most complete and large-scale tool grinding enterprise in China!
Since the product was put into the market, it has won the praise and favor of users with high cost performance ratio. It is sold well all over the country and exported to many countries in the world. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises and has become the leading enterprise in the industry.


Honor and qualification

  •  Certification certificate of intellectual property management system
  •  ISO9001 quality certification
  •  CNC Tool Association
  •  Gun drill tool grinder (high tech product)
  •  Thimble cutter (high tech product)
  •  High tech Enterprises


Thousand island service process

Customer intention negotiation

Professional docking

Discuss cooperation plan

Customized production of machinery

Finished product inspection

After sales confirmation

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